My Poetry

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In The Night

Women are out in the night.

They are cleaning streets
some are walking streets
coming home from work
others are working
answering a call
rushing to the hospital
to bail someone out of jail
getting the forgotten loaf of bread
running from here to there
going to hang with the girls
enjoying the freedom of the club
relaxing from a hard day
of taking orders
sunny-side up by tomorrow in stilettos
dressed to kill with glistening lips
looking for kissers.

And some are just alone again in the dark
actually enjoying the moon.

What are you doing out so late, ma?
Being a woman, officer,
being a woman.

- End -

Car Watcher

Standing here for the thousandth time
I see what I have always seen.
There is nothing for me down this road
holding onto other people’s lives.
The sound of the future turns me around
away from what can never be.
I remember the dream
when my people had wings.
A daring diver soaring then
dropping down to the ground.
Today I only wish to be there
bold and brave, breathtaking in flight.
The pavement is cracked in places
I stumble and stub my toe.

- End -


The beauty is in the restraint
A woman dressed in billowing scarlet silk
controlled and contained
who would kill swiftly
with a sharpened stiletto
and walk away
with a flounce of her skirt.
Her satisfaction
the blood seeping
thru a starched white shirt
a crimson stain
growing bigger and bigger.

- End -

Time Warp

With blood streaming down our faces
teargas burning our eyes and
Thami half crawling behind,
we swore it would never happen in freedom
that democracy would give us rights
to march and protest, even with signs.

Then democracy came and we were citizens
we even wrote it into law
that people could hold rallies, and marches and protest.
When things were wrong, we would listen.
Were we childish dreamers?

Today at a community protest, the leader is killed on TV.
Police shoot down miners at Marikana, penned in like dogs.
Disagreements are met with bricks and faeces bombs.
We are citizens with freedom
but still there is no democracy.
And no one listens.

- End -